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East and South-East European Jews
The great political and cultural upheavals of the 19th and 20th centuries had repercussions for the Jews of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that extended up ...
by Predrag Bukovec
For centuries, the woodlands of Europe were not only used for wood production, but were also used intensively for agricultural purposes. This resulted in ...
by Bernd-Stefan Grewe
Hafenstädte der Frühen Neuzeit
Hafenstädte sind seit jeher der herausragende Umschlagplatz für Güter, Menschen und Ideen gewesen. Dieser Austausch war ausschlaggebend dafür, dass bestimmte ...
by Cátia Antunes
Muslim Brotherhood Networks
From the fourteenth century onwards, Muslim brotherhood networks spread throughout South-Eastern Europe in the wake of Ottoman domination. They were subject to ...
by Nathalie Clayer
Netzwerke muslimischer Bruderschaften
Mit der osmanischen Herrschaft dehnten sich in Südosteuropa seit dem 14. Jahrhundert Netzwerke muslimischer Bruderschaften aus, die sich im Zuge politischer, ...
by Nathalie Clayer
Levée en Masse
Angesichts der drohenden Niederlage rief der Nationalkonvent 1793 die levée en masse aus, eine militärische Massenaushebung, die theoretisch die gesamte ...
by Ambrogio A. Caiani
The word "icon" (and the adjective "iconic") is not an unfamiliar concept to the contemporary reader. It is used to denote things like the "icons" of our ...
by Davor Džalto
The term "pseudoscience" is used to imply that a person or group who is using the term "science" to describe their activities, thereby laying claim to the ...
by EGO-Redaktion
Forced Ethnic Migration
Movements of peoples due to nationality and ethnicity occurred on an unprecedented scale over the course of the 20th century during the formation of nations ...
by Holm Sundhaussen
Racism did not appear in one particular place or on a specific date. This article investigates the different aspects that characterised the development of ...
by Boris Barth


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