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The medieval mind was unable to differentiate between temporal and spiritual law. Law was conceived as a unitary precept with a religious-metaphysical ...
by Martin Otto
"The West"
This article explores the transformation of the directional concept "the west" into the socio-political concept "the West". From the early 19th century onward, ...
by Riccardo Bavaj
Socialist International
Solidarity across borders is part of the core programme of the workers' movement. The International Working Men's Association, which was established in 1864, ...
by Bernd Rother
Media Genres
Media defined as technology for the mass distribution of messages to large audiences are a recent phenomenon in human history. For a long time, the printing ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Ottoman History of South-East Europe
The era of Ottoman Rule, which began in the fourteenth century, is among the most controversial chapters of South-East European history. Over several stages of ...
by Markus Koller
Istanbul als Drehscheibe frühneuzeitlicher europäischer Diplomatie
Spätestens seit dem 16. Jahrhundert war Istanbul zu einer Drehscheibe frühneuzeitlicher Diplomatie geworden, die weit über Europa hinauswies. Die Hauptstadt ...
by Christine Vogel
Interkonfessionelle Unionsbestrebungen
Die Unionen von Teilen der Ostkirchen mit der Kirche von Rom waren seit dem 16. Jahrhundert auf römischer Seite durch eine antireformatorische, papstzentrierte ...
by Barbara Hallensleben , Ernst Christoph Suttner
Balkan Reiseberichte
Der Balkan war und ist multiethnische Scharnierregion, intensiver Kontakt-, Begegnungs- und Konfliktraum. Spätestens mit der Europäischen Integration geraten ...
by Christoph Lorke
Red Cross and Red Crescent
Out of the Geneva Committee for the relief of wounded soldiers and the development of international law, which was founded in 1863, developed the International ...
by Esther Möller
Istanbul as a hub of early modern European diplomacy
By the 16th century at the latest, Istanbul had become a hub of early modern diplomacy that radiated to points far beyond Europe. The capital of the Ottoman ...
by Christine Vogel


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