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News Distribution
The human need for news and communication about news has been fulfilled in various ways in different eras and cultures by diverse technical means. Beginning ...
by Andreas Würgler
Humanistic Letter-Writing
In Antiquity the letter was defined as a conversation between absent friends. This "familiar letter" was rediscovered during the early Renaissance, eventually ...
by Gábor Almási
Wissens- und Wissenschaftstransfer
Wer kennt nicht die abenteuerlichen Geschichten von Forschungsreisenden und Entdeckern, die mutig in See stachen, um unter harten Entbehrungen der Wahrheit und ...
by Veronika Lipphardt , David Ludwig
Europäische Begegnungen
Der Beitrag analysiert die europäische Expansion in Übersee und die vielfältigen Begegnungen zwischen europäischen Seefahrern, Entdeckern, Eroberern, ...
by Guido Abbattista
Islamic Law and Transfer of Law
The question of external influences on Islamic law arises in particular with reference to the time it first emerged and to the reform movements of the last two ...
by Richard Potz
Colonialism and Imperialism
The colonial encirclement of the world is an integral component of European history from the Early Modern Period to the phase of decolonisation. Individual ...
by Benedikt Stuchtey
Transfer of Military Organizations and Institutions
What is recognized worldwide and under International Law as "military" is ultimately based on the adoption of western organizational concepts. These concepts ...
by Philip Martin Rink
Osmanische Geschichte Südosteuropas
Zu den umstrittensten Kapiteln der südosteuropäischen Geschichte gehört die Epoche der osmanischen Herrschaft, die im 14. Jahrhundert ihren Anfang nahm. In ...
by Markus Koller
"Leyenda Negra"
The concept of the "leyenda negra" gathers together all the accusations against the "Spanish", the subjects of the crowns of Aragon and Castile, that ...
by Friedrich Edelmayer
Cultural Transfer
Cultural transfers have occurred in all historical periods, but it is possible to discern trends and distinct periods. It is only through these transfers that ...
by Wolfgang Schmale


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