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European Media Events
Spatial and cultural constructions such as "Europe" constitute themselves to a considerable extent through communication. Since 1500, the conception of Europe ...
by Frank Bösch
"Historical Meso-Region"
The research design of "historical meso-regions" (Geschichtsregionen) is a transnational comparative method that has been developed in the historical ...
by Stefan Troebst
Censorship and Freedom of the Press
Censorship as a means of controlling communication has existed since classical antiquity. However, it became significantly more important in the early modern ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Model Italy
The "Italian Model" or "Modèle italien" is perhaps the oldest and most common in our received tradition of writing histories of this type of narrative because ...
by Cornel Zwierlein
Katholische Mission
Der Beitrag gibt einen Überblick über die katholische Mission in der Neuzeit, bei der zwei Phasen zu unterscheiden sind. Die frühneuzeitliche Phase vom 16. bis ...
by Michael Sievernich
Modell Italien
Das "Modell Italien" oder "Modèle italien" ist das wohl älteste und geläufigste in unserer Tradition der Geschichtsschreibung dieser Art, seit Fernand Braudel ...
by Cornel Zwierlein
Knowledge Transfer and Science Transfer
We are all familiar with stories of the daring voyages of discoverers and researchers who braved the seas and severe privation in the service of truth and ...
by Veronika Lipphardt , David Ludwig
Dynastic Networks
The kinship ties of Europe’s royal houses were part of a specific technique of maintaining power. To secure and extend their authority European dynasties made ...
by Daniel Schönpflug
Das Medium Buch hat als portabler Wissensspeicher schon immer maßgeblich zur Entstehung von Kulturräumen beigetragen. Seiner Natur nach von Sprache abhängig, ...
by Ernst Fischer
Border Regions
This article discusses the historiography and methods of historical borderlands research, as well as research trends in this area. The first section describes ...
by Bernhard Struck


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