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Emigration: Europe and Asia
The emergence of colonial migration circuits between Europe and Asia followed the ascendency of European mercantile and military power. In the early 19th ...
by Ulbe Bosma
In debates surrounding Europe's shared history, the role of technology is hardly addressed. As a contributing factor, it appears too far removed from political ...
by Marcus Popplow
Ab Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts wurden größere Rechtsgebiete wie etwa das Zivil- oder Strafrecht zunehmend mithilfe von Kodifikationen geregelt. In Europa gab es ...
by Wilhelm Brauneder
Islamic Networks
In this article the term "Islamic networks" refers to networks of Islamic culture and learning, i.e. interpersonal networks of relations between Muslims. ...
by Thomas Eich
Alpine Region
The Alpine region lies between a number of densely populated European countries. It consists of a curved mountain range 1,200 kilometres in length that is ...
by Jon Mathieu
Christliche Mission
Die transkulturelle Verbreitung des christlichen Glaubens in der Neuzeit ging im Wesentlichen von Europa aus, nachdem alle Völker dieses Kontinents das ...
by Michael Sievernich
Postcolonial Studies
"Postcolonial studies" denotes a loosely defined inter-disciplinary field of perspectives, theories and methods that deal with the non-material dimensions of ...
by Harald Fischer-Tiné
"Wissenschaft" ist ein Schlüsselbegriff insbesondere moderner kultureller Konstellationen, der in eigentümlicher Weise zugleich durch strikte Verbindlichkeit ...
by Paul Ziche , Joppe van Driel
Settler Colonies
Beginning in the early modern age, European settler colonies were founded first beyond the Atlantic Ocean and later in the Pacific, but not in Asia. The ...
by Christoph Marx
Transcultural History
At heart, a transcultural history of Europe examines the topic of cultural transfer, above all those cultural assets tied up with identity (i.e. Kultureme). ...
by Wolfgang Schmale


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