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Islam and Islamic Law
It has traditionally been assumed that the influence of Islam on Western jurisprudence was far less than on natural sciences, philosophy and even theology. ...
by Richard Potz
Die Wiederentdeckung der beinahe vergessenen Lehre des byzantinischen Kirchenvaters des 14. Jahrhunderts Gregorios Palamas in der modernen orthodoxen Theologie ...
by Evgeny Pilipenko
In den letzten Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts erschütterte die sogenannte Dreyfus-Affäre nicht nur Frankreich, sondern zog auch in anderen europäischen Ländern, ...
by Karl Zieger
Lisbon Earthquake
The earthquake that laid waste to Portugal's capital city Lisbon on 1 November 1755 shook the West as severely as almost no other earthquake has before or ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Expulsion of the Muslims from the Balkans
During the 19th and 20th centuries, hundreds of thousands of Muslims migrated from the Balkans into other regions, above all the Ottoman Empire and the ...
by Berna Pekesen
Geschichtsregionen sind wie "Epochen", "Mächte", "Ereignisse" und andere Kategorisierungsbegriffe historiographische Hilfsmittel, um im komplexen und oft ...
by Ralph Tuchtenhagen
Performances of William Shakespeare's plays on the European continent date back to his lifetime. Since his death in 1616, the playwright has never stopped ...
by Sophie Chiari
Gelbe Gefahr
Als Gegenpol zum Diskurs des vermeintlich überlegenen Europas nahm die Angst vor Japan und China in der Geschichte Europas seit den 1890er Jahren – als auch ...
by Thoralf Klein
"Modernization" has been one of the most intensely negotiated concepts of the theoretical and historical social sciences over the last fifty years. Conceptions ...
by Thomas Mergel
Europe developed an independent existence in terms of its function as a cultural reference point. Initially conceived of as an independent entity within the ...
by Wolfgang Schmale


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