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Warfare (1450–1789)
Warfare was one of the few experiences between 1453 and 1789 that almost every European had in common. Although new causes and technologies emerged during this ...
by Aaron Graham
Colonial Exhibitions and 'Völkerschauen'
The term 'Völkerschau' became common in the 19th century and denoted the exhibition of members of particular ethnic groups, above all for commercial reasons. ...
by Anne Dreesbach
British and American Constitutional Models
While in the 18th century enthusiasm for the liberal British constitution was a central element in continental Anglophilia, the American Revolution brought a ...
by Horst Dippel
Nördliche Schwarzmeerregion
Die Schwarzmeerregion wird von den historischen Wissenschaften als eine eigenständige Geschichtsregion begriffen, die besonders durch gewaltige Migrations- und ...
by Kerstin Susanne Jobst
Christian Allies of the Ottoman Empire
The relationship between the Ottomans and the Christians did not evolve around continuous hostility and conflict, as is generally assumed. The Ottomans ...
by Emrah Safa Gürkan
Book Market
The medium of the book, as a portable store of knowledge, has always made a central contribution to the rise of cultural areas. Dependent by its nature on ...
by Ernst Fischer
Translatio Imperii im Moskauer Russland
Für die christliche Kaiserherrschaft sowohl im oströmisch-byzantinischen Reich wie im Heiligen Römischen Reich war in der historischen Abfolge der Weltreiche, ...
by Edgar Hösch
Animals have become an important topic in German-language historiography. Following a brief review of the research as a whole, this article will introduce the ...
by Aline Steinbrecher , Gesine Krüger
Kirche und 'Türkengefahr'
Seit der Eroberung Anatoliens durch türkische Stammeskrieger unter der Führung des seldschukischen Prinzen Suleiman ibn Kutalmiş Ende des 11. Jahrhunderts ...
by Mariano Delgado
Spaces of Courtly Display
In the medieval and early modern periods, courtly spaces were defined by the presence of the prince (Fürst) and his court. These spaces formed at different ...
by Ulrich Schütte


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