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For some, the governesses of the 19th century were supposedly melancholic and prim wallflowers. For others, they were a worldly generation of women with ...
by Gunilla Budde
European Fashion
This article discusses the function of fashion as a form of cultural transfer in Europe-wide social processes between 1450 and 1950. Taking medieval gender ...
by Gabriele Mentges
This article begins – drawing on research on imaginations of the Balkans – with a critical discussion of the representation of the Balkans as a border region, ...
by EGO-Redaktion
Confessional Associations
The international confessional societies that exist today and are mostly dominated by Protestants (above all the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World ...
by Gerhard Lindemann
Wissens- und Wissenschaftstransfer
Wer kennt nicht die abenteuerlichen Geschichten von Forschungsreisenden und Entdeckern, die mutig in See stachen, um unter harten Entbehrungen der Wahrheit und ...
by Veronika Lipphardt , David Ludwig
Europäische Begegnungen
Der Beitrag analysiert die europäische Expansion in Übersee und die vielfältigen Begegnungen zwischen europäischen Seefahrern, Entdeckern, Eroberern, ...
by Guido Abbattista
Comparative History
This article traces the fate of historical comparison in the discipline of history and discusses its function, capacities, and theoretical and methodological ...
by Thomas Welskopp
Yellow Peril
As the counterpart to the narrative of European superiority, the fear of Japan and China has had a place in the history of Europe since the 1890s, when the ...
by Thoralf Klein
"Spanish Century"
The Spanish monarchy can be regarded as Europe's leading power in the 16th century. This article pursues the question to what extent Spain's predominance in ...
by Thomas Weller
This article provides an overview of economic globalization in the modern period. It includes an overview of the main phases of the history of globalization, ...
by Ulrich Pfister


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