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Standardisation in Europe
The establishment of shared concepts and meanings is a precondition for cultural interaction. Therefore, standardisation is an age-old process and has always ...
by Roland Wenzlhuemer
Das "niederländische Jahrhundert"
Die Geschichte der Niederlande im 17. Jahrhundert wird traditionell in Superlativen charakterisiert – das "Goldene Zeitalter" oder "A Miracle Mirrored", um nur ...
by Dagmar Freist
The "Dutch Century"
The history of the Netherlands in the 17th century is generally described in superlatives – the "Golden Age" or "A Miracle Mirrored", to name just two titles ...
by Dagmar Freist
Nördliche Schwarzmeerregion
Die Schwarzmeerregion wird von den historischen Wissenschaften als eine eigenständige Geschichtsregion begriffen, die besonders durch gewaltige Migrations- und ...
by Kerstin Susanne Jobst
Book Market
The medium of the book, as a portable store of knowledge, has always made a central contribution to the rise of cultural areas. Dependent by its nature on ...
by Ernst Fischer
Russifizierung / Sowjetisierung
Unter zaristischer wie unter sowjetischer Herrschaft sollte mit der Russifizierung und Sowjetisierung das Ziel verfolgt werden, die Kontrolle des Staates über ...
by Theodore R. Weeks
Leisure Time and Technology
Generally speaking, the amount of available leisure time continually increased from the mid-19th century onward. This development culminated in Western Europe ...
by Stefan Poser
Early Modern Ports
Ports are the vehicles par excellence for transactions. Since time immemorial, ports have been gateways for the exchange of goods, people and ideas. These ...
by Cátia Antunes
Internal Migration
"Internal migration" refers to movement from one region to another. Although international migration receives more attention, the greater portion of mobility ...
by Leslie Page Moch
Americanisation of the Economy
The USA possessed efficient management and considerable potential to expand its capital, research and technology. Consequently, the country became one of the ...
by Susanne Hilger


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