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Mission, colonialism, and changing values
The article describes missionary processes in the (early) modern period and analyzes the tension that existed with colonialism. In this context, a strict ...
by Michael Sievernich
Jewish Anti-Zionist Movements
In response to the emergence of political Zionism as an "international nationalism" towards the end of the 19th century, an inter- and transnational front that ...
by Tobias Grill
Economy and Agriculture
This article investigates from the perspective of the history of cultural transfer how the models of the administrative-command economy and collective ...
by Stephan Merl
Adaption westlicher Staatskirchenmodelle
Bis Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts stand die Organisation der Orthodoxie im Einklang mit den alten Kanones aus dem byzantinischen Zeitalter. Auch nach der ...
by Paul Brusanowski
World War II
The article evaluates the degree to which the Second World War was responsible for the development of Europe since 1945. It seeks to disentangle effects that ...
by A.W. Purdue
A region is a medium-sized spatial unit characterized by its relative indeterminacy and fluidity. It requires a reference value and is therefore defined in ...
by Martina Steber
Imperien und "composite states"
Imperien und "composite states" waren vormoderne Herrschaftsgebilde, die in politischer, administrativer, wirtschaftlicher, rechtlicher und kultureller ...
by Dorothée Goetze , Michael Rohrschneider
In the period 1450–1900, Europeans travelled to places both near and far, encountering landscapes and people. These encounters changed the world. New contact ...
by Doris Gruber
Kultur und Gesellschaft
Im Russischen Zarenreich wie in der Sowjetunion formten Kunst und Kultur das Selbstverständnis der Gesellschaft. Nach dem Sieg über Napoleon trugen Architektur ...
by Ada Raev


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