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Ashkenazi Jews
This article describes the history of Jews in Eastern Europe which has its beginnings at the end of the Middle Ages when Jews migrated from their former homes ...
by Predrag Bukovec
Expulsion of the Muslims from Spain
Between 1609 and 1614 the Moriscos were expelled from Spain for political and religious reasons. All Morisco communities had to leave their villages in Spain. ...
by Luis Fernando Bernabé-Pons
Balkan Reiseberichte
Der Balkan war und ist multiethnische Scharnierregion, intensiver Kontakt-, Begegnungs- und Konfliktraum. Spätestens mit der Europäischen Integration geraten ...
by Christoph Lorke
The Mediterranean region is a contact zone between Africa, Asia, and Europe – a "fluid continent" (Gabriel Audisio), where religious and cultural, political ...
by Manuel Borutta


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