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Artistic and literary production are not inherently urban processes in themselves but they have always flourished in an urban context and the processes of ...
by Markian Prokopovych , Rosemary H. Sweet
Performances of William Shakespeare's plays on the European continent date back to his lifetime. Since his death in 1616, the playwright has never stopped ...
by Sophie Chiari
East West Literary Transfers
This article re-examines one of the aesthetic foundations of orientalist discourse. It focuses on the circulation of literary themes, techniques and motifs ...
by Anne Duprat
Krieg (1450–1789)
Zwischen 1450 und 1789 teilten so gut wie alle Europäer die Erfahrung des Krieges. Obwohl zu dieser Zeit neue Kriegsursachen und Technologien entstanden, gab ...
by Aaron Graham
Seit dem späten Mittelalter ist in Europa eine langfristige Zunahme und Verdichtung weiträumiger Handelsaktivitäten festzustellen, die mit einem wachsenden ...
by Mark Häberlein
Trading Companies
Starting in the late medieval period, European long-distance trading activities increased in volume and density over a long period. Consequently, the capital ...
by Mark Häberlein
Islamische Netzwerke
Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden unter dem Begriff "Islamische Netzwerke" islamische Bildungsnetzwerke verstanden, also interpersonale Beziehungsgeflechte von ...
by Thomas Eich
Warfare (1450–1789)
Warfare was one of the few experiences between 1453 and 1789 that almost every European had in common. Although new causes and technologies emerged during this ...
by Aaron Graham
Dissenters and Nonconformists
The terms "Dissenters" and "Nonconformists" traditionally refer to adherents of Christian groups that separated from or were established outside of the ...
by Thomas Hahn-Bruckart
British and American Constitutional Models
While in the 18th century enthusiasm for the liberal British constitution was a central element in continental Anglophilia, the American Revolution brought a ...
by Horst Dippel


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