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Russia and Europe (1547–1917)
Over the last five centuries, Russia and Europe have been closely interconnected politically, economically and culturally. Particularly from the 18th century ...
by Martin Aust
Englische und amerikanische Verfassungs- und Demokratiemodelle
Während im 18. Jahrhundert die Begeisterung für die freiheitliche englische Verfassung ein zentraler Bestandteil der kontinentalen Anglophilie war, entstand ...
by Horst Dippel
Personal Union and Transfer
During the transition from early-modern societies to the nation states of the 19th and 20th centuries, the formation of the territorial state performed an ...
by Torsten Riotte
Revolution and Migration after 1789
The French Revolution provoked one of modern history's massive waves of political migration. Émigrés from all levels of French society dispersed throughout ...
by Friedemann Pestel
Popularisation of Science
In recent decades historians and sociologists of science have significantly revised their views on how science relates to popular culture. They have replaced ...
by Peter Bowler
Gendered Spaces
Concepts of gender are one of the fundamental ordering principles of spaces. The key to understanding this ordering powerlies in the concept of relational ...
by Alexia Bumbaris
Artistic and literary production are not inherently urban processes in themselves but they have always flourished in an urban context and the processes of ...
by Markian Prokopovych , Rosemary H. Sweet
Journalismus bezeichnet das System, in dem die Inhalte der neuzeitlichen Medien der Massenkommunikation erarbeitet und bereitgestellt werden. Diejenigen, die ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Performances of William Shakespeare's plays on the European continent date back to his lifetime. Since his death in 1616, the playwright has never stopped ...
by Sophie Chiari
East West Literary Transfers
This article re-examines one of the aesthetic foundations of orientalist discourse. It focuses on the circulation of literary themes, techniques and motifs ...
by Anne Duprat


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