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Colonial Law
This article reconstructs the development process of colonial law in Europe and discusses the relationship between colonial law and international law. The ...
by Luigi Nuzzo
Dynastic Marriage
The often-quoted "family of princes" was at no time a truly pan-European network, but represented rather a collection of various marriage circles defined first ...
by Heinz Duchhardt
'Türkengefahr' - Exotismus / Orientalismus
Europäer entwickelten im Laufe ihrer spannungsreichen Begegnung mit ihren muslimischen Nachbarn in Nordafrika und im Vorderen Orient unterschiedliche Diskurse, ...
by Felix Konrad
Zionism until 1948
This article traces the history of European-shaped Zionism during and after the First World War until the founding of Israel in 1948. Its primary aim is to ...
by Martin Kloke
"The West"
This article explores the transformation of the directional concept "the west" into the socio-political concept "the West". From the early 19th century onward, ...
by Riccardo Bavaj
World War II
The article evaluates the degree to which the Second World War was responsible for the development of Europe since 1945. It seeks to disentangle effects that ...
by A.W. Purdue
Socialist International
Solidarity across borders is part of the core programme of the workers' movement. The International Working Men's Association, which was established in 1864, ...
by Bernd Rother
This article introduces Slavic unity concepts of the "long" 19th century based on Russian imperial Pan-Slavism and democratic national Austro-Slavism. In the ...
by Lars Karl , Adamantios Skordos
Ethnische Zwangsmigration
Mit der Nationsbildung und der ethnischen Definition von Nationalstaaten kam es auf den Territorien der vormals multiethnischen Imperien in Europa, das heißt ...
by Holm Sundhaussen
Ottoman History of South-East Europe
The era of Ottoman Rule, which began in the fourteenth century, is among the most controversial chapters of South-East European history. Over several stages of ...
by Markus Koller


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