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Postcolonial Studies
"Postcolonial studies" denotes a loosely defined inter-disciplinary field of perspectives, theories and methods that deal with the non-material dimensions of ...
by Harald Fischer-Tiné
"Wissenschaft" ist ein Schlüsselbegriff insbesondere moderner kultureller Konstellationen, der in eigentümlicher Weise zugleich durch strikte Verbindlichkeit ...
by Paul Ziche , Joppe van Driel
Das menschliche Bedürfnis nach Nachrichten und nach Kommunikation über diese wurde je nach Epoche, Kulturraum und technischen Möglichkeiten auf ...
by Andreas Würgler
Alliances and Treaties
This article explores how the use of alliances and treaties changed along with the developments in the European international order in the modern era. ...
by Mike Rapport
Border Theories
This article discusses concepts and realities of "borders" in early modern Europe. It outlines the basic shifts in the relevant terminology with particular ...
by Maria Baramova
Settler Colonies
Beginning in the early modern age, European settler colonies were founded first beyond the Atlantic Ocean and later in the Pacific, but not in Asia. The ...
by Christoph Marx
Transcultural History
At heart, a transcultural history of Europe examines the topic of cultural transfer, above all those cultural assets tied up with identity (i.e. Kultureme). ...
by Wolfgang Schmale
Mosaic of Languages
Europe is a continent of great linguistic and cultural differences, and Europeans have always been conscious of linguistic diversity. The distribution of ...
by Harald Haarmann
Der Pyrenäenraum umschließt Gebiete aus dem Königreich Spanien, der Republik Frankreich sowie das Fürstentum Andorra. Auch in sprachlicher Hinsicht ist das ...
by Friedrich Edelmayer
Protestant Mission
The Protestant churches that emerged from the Reformation movements of the 12th to the 16th centuries arrived late to efforts to spread Christianity, which ...
by Andreas Feldtkeller


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