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From the perspective of transfer history, religion has played an important role in European history in a number of ways. On the one hand, as a phenomenon it ...
by Jörg Rüpke
Red Cross and Red Crescent
Out of the Geneva Committee for the relief of wounded soldiers and the development of international law, which was founded in 1863, developed the International ...
by Esther Möller
The Mediterranean region is a contact zone between Africa, Asia, and Europe – a "fluid continent" (Gabriel Audisio), where religious and cultural, political ...
by Manuel Borutta
This article discusses water as a substance and a historical subject matter. The focus is on the different historical, social and cultural functions that water ...
by Franziska Torma
Mission, Kolonialismus und Wertewandel
Der Beitrag beschreibt Missionsprozesse in der (Frühen) Neuzeit und analysiert das Spannungsverhältnis zum Kolonialismus. Dabei ist strikt zwischen ...
by Michael Sievernich


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