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Amerikanisierung der Wirtschaft
Auf der Grundlage eines expansiven Kapital-, Forschungs- und Technologiepotenzials und eines effizient arbeitenden Managements avancierten die USA zu einem der ...
by Susanne Hilger
Northern Black Sea
In historical studies, the Black Sea region is viewed as a separate historical region which has been shaped in particular by vast migration and acculturation ...
by Kerstin Susanne Jobst
Russification / Sovietization
Under tsarist and Soviet rule respectively, russification and sovietization were intended to ensure state control over a diverse population. The Russian Empire ...
by Theodore R. Weeks
Italian Cuisine
In recent decades, Italian cuisine has had a greater impact upon the development of eating habits than any other national cuisine. Spaghetti, pizza, tiramisù ...
by Ulrike Thoms
Confessional Migration
While Christian confessional migrations are a broadly researched phenomenon that certainly exhibits some unique features compared to earlier, and also to an ...
by Ulrich Niggemann
Migration from the Colonies
Colonialism not only stimulated more than 60 million Europeans to migrate overseas, it also brought millions of Asians, Africans and Amerindians to Europe. In ...
by Pieter C. Emmer , Leo Lucassen
Workshop and Factory
This article explores the spaces in which manufacturing work was performed from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. Workshops, manufactories and factories ...
by Karsten Uhl
South Sea Bubble
The South Sea Bubble of 1720 was a major financial crash in London. It immediately followed a similar crash on the Paris stock market, known as the Mississippi ...
by Helen J. Paul
Eine Region ist eine Raumeinheit mittlerer Größe, die durch ihre relative Unbestimmtheit und Fluidität gekennzeichnet ist. Sie bedarf einer Referenzgröße, ...
by Martina Steber
Decolonization and Revolution
Decolonization is a central historical trend. Occurring in four broad phases from 1776 up to 1991, it has shaped the present-day global system of states ...
by Fabian Klose


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