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Muslim Brotherhood Networks
From the fourteenth century onwards, Muslim brotherhood networks spread throughout South-Eastern Europe in the wake of Ottoman domination. They were subject to ...
by Nathalie Clayer
Galen-Rezeption Melanchthons
Bei der Abfassung seiner Schrift "De anima" griff Philipp Melanchthon (1497–1560) in erheblichem Umfang auf griechische Texte des spätantiken Arztes Galenos ...
by Jürgen Helm
This article begins – drawing on research on imaginations of the Balkans – with a critical discussion of the representation of the Balkans as a border region, ...
by EGO-Redaktion
Confessional Associations
The international confessional societies that exist today and are mostly dominated by Protestants (above all the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World ...
by Gerhard Lindemann
Netzwerke muslimischer Bruderschaften
Mit der osmanischen Herrschaft dehnten sich in Südosteuropa seit dem 14. Jahrhundert Netzwerke muslimischer Bruderschaften aus, die sich im Zuge politischer, ...
by Nathalie Clayer
Christian Networks
Modern network analysis is extremely useful when investigating not only the relationships between individuals and within groups and institutions, but also ...
by Markus Wriedt
Reformation in Scandinavia
Wittenberg was the most important source of inspiration for the Reformation in both of the Scandinavian kingdoms, the Danish kingdom and the Swedish kingdom. ...
by Simo Heininen , Otfried Czaika
Historically, "population" has been an indispensable and ostensibly unambiguous concept – "population" encompasses the inhabitants of a specific territory at a ...
by Corinna Unger , Heinrich Hartmann
Islamic Law and Transfer of Law
The question of external influences on Islamic law arises in particular with reference to the time it first emerged and to the reform movements of the last two ...
by Richard Potz
Zionism before 1914
The longing for Zion, the hope that the dispersed Jews would be brought back to Eretz Israel, the land of Israel, had always been present in Judaism. However, ...
by Kerstin Armborst-Weihs


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