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League of Nations
The League of Nations was the first international organisation to unite as many important fields as possible of human life under one roof. Yet, as well as ...
by Isabella Löhr
Als Panturkismus wird die Idee bezeichnet, alle turksprachigen Völker des Kaukasus, des Wolga-Ural-Gebietes, der Krim, Vorder- und Zentralasiens unter dem Dach ...
by Berna Pekesen
European Encounters
This article reconstructs the expansion of Europe overseas and the multiple forms of encounters between European navigators, explorers, conquerors, colonizers, ...
by Guido Abbattista
East Central Europe
"Central and Eastern Europe" or "East Central Europe" in its usual sense encompasses the countries of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, which ...
by Joachim von Puttkamer
Italian Cuisine
In recent decades, Italian cuisine has had a greater impact upon the development of eating habits than any other national cuisine. Spaghetti, pizza, tiramisù ...
by Ulrike Thoms
Confessional Migration
While Christian confessional migrations are a broadly researched phenomenon that certainly exhibits some unique features compared to earlier, and also to an ...
by Ulrich Niggemann
Emigration: Europe and Asia
The emergence of colonial migration circuits between Europe and Asia followed the ascendency of European mercantile and military power. In the early 19th ...
by Ulbe Bosma
Settler Colonies
Beginning in the early modern age, European settler colonies were founded first beyond the Atlantic Ocean and later in the Pacific, but not in Asia. The ...
by Christoph Marx
Reisen nach Italien
Egal ob Reiseberichte oder Romane, ob historische oder zeitgenössische Werke, hochliterarische oder populäre Bücher – der Topos "Italien" findet sich in ...
by Sandra Vlasta
Bevölkerungstheorie und Konfessionsmigration
In der frühneuzeitlichen Bevölkerungstheorie bestand eine Spannung zwischen dem populationistischen Nutzen und den Gefahren der Fremdenaufnahme. Das Konzept ...
by Justus Nipperdey


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