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Gendered Spaces
Concepts of gender are one of the fundamental ordering principles of spaces. The key to understanding this ordering powerlies in the concept of relational ...
by Alexia Bumbaris
Artistic and literary production are not inherently urban processes in themselves but they have always flourished in an urban context and the processes of ...
by Markian Prokopovych , Rosemary H. Sweet
Lisbon Earthquake
The earthquake that laid waste to Portugal's capital city Lisbon on 1 November 1755 shook the West as severely as almost no other earthquake has before or ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Thirty Years' War
The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) became a media phenomenon, manifesting itself in different ways depending on the functions of the age's various media types. ...
by Esther-Beate Körber
Gelbe Gefahr
Als Gegenpol zum Diskurs des vermeintlich überlegenen Europas nahm die Angst vor Japan und China in der Geschichte Europas seit den 1890er Jahren – als auch ...
by Thoralf Klein
East West Literary Transfers
This article re-examines one of the aesthetic foundations of orientalist discourse. It focuses on the circulation of literary themes, techniques and motifs ...
by Anne Duprat
Jewish Networks
Jewish networks are the far-reaching transterritorial and transcultural channels of communication between Jews and Jewries. They formed as a result of the ...
by Mirjam Thulin
Amerikanische Revolution
Die Amerikanische Revolution war nicht nur deshalb ein europäisches Medienereignis, weil sie überall in Europa von Medien thematisiert wurde, sondern auch ...
by Frank Becker
Europäische Medienereignisse
Räumliche und kulturelle Konstrukte wie Europa konstituieren sich im hohen Maße über Kommunikation. Diese verdichtete sich seit 1500 immer wieder in ...
by Frank Bösch
Suppression of the Society of Jesus
Pope Clement XIV's (1705–1774) brief of July 1773 suppressing the Jesuit order was preceded by a series of repressive acts, starting with the expulsion of the ...
by Christine Vogel


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